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Merry Christmas!

Dear Parishioners,

We have Christmas here now and I just wanted to send a small note to everyone with a few things I would like to mention. First of all, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! May it be a most blessed one for all of you and may your time with family be of great joy. Secondly, please keep in mind the Mass schedule and plan accordingly. St Marys: December 24: 5:00 pm (English) 9:00 pm (English) December 25: 9:00 am (English) 12 noon (Spanish) St Augustine: December 24/25: 12 midnight (Latin) December 25: 8:00 am (Latin) 10:30 am (English) Given the delicate situation with the coronavirus this year remember that the most heavily attended Mass is the 5:00 pm and the other Masses usually have plenty of space available. Adding the extra Mass at 9:00 pm makes it possible to forego a signup for Masses. There are seven Masses available for you just here in Platteville. I would also like to remind everyone to please wear a mask. A reminder going into the Christmas Masses is never out of place. God bless and Merry Christmas! Fr. John Blewett

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