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Parish Survey

Dear Parishioners,

Last year Bishop Hying asked every parish in the diocese to begin preparation for an evangelization push called Go Make Disciples! (GMD). We have been in the preparation phase of this endeavor over the last year and this coming Advent is when it will be rolled out at each parish. Advent is almost here. Our team for GMD at St Marys has been working hard to deepen their own spiritual life through regular Mass attendance, prayer, confession and mortification. They have also been learning the faith more deeply, and prayerfully considering and regularly discussing ways in which we can be closer followers of Jesus and bring others to Him.

As a preface to the rollout this Advent, Bishop has also asked every parish to participate in a survey called the Disciple Maker Index Survey which allows parishioners to reflect on their own spiritual growth and discipleship and identify ways in which the parish effectively supports that growth.

This survey offers us a unique and important opportunity to learn about issues of importance to families in a confidential and professional way. We will use these results to look at opportunities to support parishioner growth in discipleship and to create goals and action plans to achieve that growth.

There will be multiple ways you can fill this survey out. You have the link above. The digital version is the most recommended. We will also have a paper version available at the back of church, if you prefer that method, together with a box to deposit the filled-in survey. All surveys, digital or print, will go to the Catholic Leadership Institute, not to a diocesan nor a parish entity. The survey will only be available to fill out until November 22 and it should only take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. It is important to have as many surveys filled out as possible.

Our parish will receive an aggregate report of the results in January 2022 and we will only be able to see a summary report of the data; no one at the parish, not even myself, will have access to individual surveys.

Thank you in advance for the encouragement that you will provide to the community when we solicit feedback and if you have any questions or ideas about good ways to boost the response rate, please feel free to approach me directly.

You have more information below.

God bless!

Fr. John Blewett

Frequently Asked Questions about the Disciple Maker Index Survey (DMI)

1) How long does it take a parishioner to complete the DMI?

· Typically 10-15 minutes.

2) How can I fill out the DMI?

· You can find it online on St Mary’s webpage in Fr John’s corner or fill out a paper copy in the back of church and leave it in the designated box. A mass email will also be sent to registered parishioners with a link.

3) Is the survey anonymous?

· Yes, the DMI does not collect any personal information.

4) Do all parishes have to do the DMI?

· Yes. The survery will be open to all parishioners throughout the Diocese and includes all parishes.

5) Why aren’t there spaces to write comments on the DMI?

· The purpose is to take a snapshot of the parish.

6) How long will the survey be available to be completed?

· We need all surveys completed by November 22. However, it is best to do the survey as soon as possible.

7) Will each parish receive an individualized report?

· Yes, and access to an online platform to review and dig into the data deeper.

8) When will that individualized parish report be available?

· January 2022

9) What’s the average response rate?

· 15-20% of Mass-going Catholics in your parish.

10) What is the cost to the parish?

· Only your effort, there is no charge to the parish.

11) There’s a pandemic going on, is now really the best time?

· It’s even more important to be engaging our people in a multitude of ways to keep them engaged in the faith and the parish.

12) Who has access to this information?

· Parish info: Diocese, pastor, Evangelization team lead, Catholic Leadership Institute.

· CLI will not share your information (parish or individual priest) with any party without express written permission.

13) Who should we reach out to with more questions?

· Bishop Donald Hying

· Fr. John Blewett

· Jim Rosemeyer (Evangelization team lead)

· Mike School (CLI):

14) What other dioceses have/are participating in this pilot nationally?

· Lansing, Tulsa, Savannah, Milwaukee, St. Paul- Minneapolis, Cleveland, Orange, Saginaw, Austin, Beaumont, Philadelphia, Madison, Columbus

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