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Public Masses to resume Pentecost weekend

Dear Parishioners,

Bishop Hying has called for public Masses to resume in the Diocese of Madison on the weekend of May 30-31.

This is far from an immediate "return-to-normal." First off, the obligation to go to Sunday Mass is still lifted and will be until further notice. So nobody is obliged to go. However, now those who want to go will have that chance to do so. Then, there will be many precautions and measures put into place to ensure everyone's safety and health. But this is an initial step in the right direction.

We will be working this week to prepare everything for you so that when Masses are available again on Pentecost, all precautions are taken to ensure everyone's health to the very best of our ability.

Please see the official diocesan communiqué here

God bless!

Fr. John Blewett

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