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The obligation to go to Mass has been restored

Hello parishioners,

This past weekend the obligation to go to Mass on Sundays has been restored. This is just a reminder for all and an easy post to forward to someone who may not be aware.

Below you have the official decree and a great video by Bishop Hying.

Keep in mind that it does not apply to two specific groups that Bishop details in his letter:

• Those for whom, in their own prudent and prayerful judgment, attending Mass would pose greater than normal risk, either to themselves, to their families and others with whom they have contact, or to those attending Mass, whether the source of the additional risk is their age, health, possible recent exposure, difficulty in observing social distancing guidelines and other hygienic measures, or any other cause, gauged in proportion to the gravity of the obligation in question.

• Those who attempt to attend Mass but, due to the limitations on church capacity imposed by ecclesiastical or civil authority, are either unable to enter the church or else upon arrival voluntarily abstain from doing so in order that others may attend, even if it would be possible to attend another Mass without extreme difficulty.

The second category is not really a problem for us at St. Marys given the big church and our usual attendance.

This does mean that the person who is willfully absent from Sunday and Holy Day Masses without grave reason and who is not in the categories mentioned above does incur in mortal sin.

God bless!

Fr. John Blewett

Decree Reinstate Obligation Assist Mass
Download • 1.01MB

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