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This weekend will be interesting

Dear Parishioners,

This weekend we begin with public Masses again. You will also find we have an added element of excitement with the pews out to make cleaning the church floor possible. So if you come to church please be extra cautious and aware of yourself and those around you.

You will find stations inside the church to assist you. Each station will have chairs for you to take and place wherever you prefer to sit inside the church. Also there you will find hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to sanitize your chair and hands before and after Mass. Please return your chair to its station after Mass. I have no doubt you will be mindful to keep safe distancing knowing that you can go into the balcony area to sit, too.

To also help reduce the number of people at Mass and ensure your health and safety we will continue to have the 10:30 am Mass here at St. Marys until I feel it is no longer needed. See the bulletin and the website for our schedules.

Most other procedures I will explain at Mass since that is where they need to be explained. But one important temptation to overcome will be to try to keep your distances after Mass. Don't run and give a big hug to the friends you have not seen in months as that may be the best way to lose a friend in these times!

It will be wonderful to see many of you back in church but if you need to stay home, please do. Remember that nobody has any obligation to come to Mass. 

Thank you for your patience in all this. We should have two sections of pews back in for this weekend and hopefully all in by next. The floor will look so beautiful when it all is done. 

God bless!

Fr. John Blewett

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