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Parish Wish List

all prices approximated


Sacristy & Altar: 

Candle Lighter without a snuffer ($75)

Organ Repair:

Complete pipe, pedal, console, bellows,

and mechanical repair and upgrade  ($90K)


Books to give for free to parishioners

Combat rosaries to keep on  hand for gifts

Priest's Vestments

Celebrant vestment sets: chasuble, stole, maniple, burse and veil ($2-$10K)

Bell Repair:

Securing, automating the church tower bell and stand ($20K)


A couple yards of "top soil" needed to level and seed graves

Grading and/or gravel for the old section roadway

Some type of paving to extend our roadways south

Fix or replace shed doors

Exterior Maintenance:

Outdoor picnic shelter for church playground

New driveway for the rectory

Outdoor stone pillar repairs

Commercial Wheelbarrow ($300)

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